Employee turnover costs Companies 

over $600 Billon Dollars Each Year and growing

Research indicates ineffective leadership accounts for almost 80% of employee turnover, validating the statement:

"Employees don't leave jobs, they leave managers and culture."

According Work Institute's 2019 National Employee Retention Report, 41.4 Million US employees left their jobs voluntarily in 2018, and nearly 77 percent, or three-fourths, of that turnover could be prevented by employers. In a separate report published in 2019 from G2, over 75% of workers say they would stay with an organization longer if their employer would listen to and address their concerns.

9 out of 10 employees state it is important to trust their direct manager and co-workers to remain engaged and satisfied at work and 6 out of 10 say they don't.  

Reducing preventable turnover by 1% would save $4,700,000,000.  In fact, preventing even one employee from voluntary termination saves a company, on average, over $15,000.

Most companies just don't get it.  A systemic breakdown of their INTANGIBLE ASSETS (people, communication, culture and trust) is the most expensive breakdown their company can have (and they're probably having it).  

91% of CEOs believe empathy (their ability to connect and engage their employees) is directly linked to their company's financial performance

Learn to Engage Your Teams And Retain Your Talent

Successful companies recognize the importance of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), not only in its processes, but its people.  Educating and Empowering your leaders to be more effective in connecting, engaging and communicating with their team will reduce conflict, turnover and will increase efficiency and effectiveness.

We want to help improve employee engagement and retention in the Phoenix Valley by enhancing corporate leadership's ability to communicate and connect.  During the month of September, Legacy of Results is scheduling FREE Leadership Sessions for companies in the Phoenix Valley with a purchase of our psychometric assessments*.  This 90-Minute Leadership Training focuses on improving communication by enhancing awareness and utilization of Behavioral Tendencies (DiSC Index) and Intrinsic Motivation Preferences (Values Index) and how to utilize these for more effective communication.

The training also includes:

-Organizational Health Check Assessment-

-54-page Personal Assessment Report for each attendee-

-Digital copy of each Personal Assessment Report for Leadership-

*Thanks to a generous donation we have scholarships available to offset the cost of assessments for companies in the Phoenix Valley that are making a difference in their community.  Applications available.

Quantifying Human Performance

What really drives individual performance?

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to measure the complete person. Organizations and leaders need to understand “what” natural talents a person has, “why” they are motivated to use them and “how” they prefer to use them. Achieving optimal performance requires the best alignment between these variables and the individual’s role and duties. 

  • WHAT – Natural talents based on how one thinks and makes decisions.
  • WHY – Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect engagement and passion.
  • HOW – Natural behavioral styles that control task completion, interpersonal interactions and direct job performance.

By better understanding these core drivers of performance, and utilizing this knowledge in hiring, team-building and leading individuals, it’s possible to position people for personal excellence and maximum job satisfaction and performance. The ADVanced Insights profile combines three of the world’s leading instruments, each specializing in measuring a specific aspect of this trifecta of human performance, to give organizations unequaled access to the knowledge they need to improve results.

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