Imagine hitting all your goals... every time.

You know accountability is the key to getting things done and you feel as though you're *this close* to reaching your true potential.

But as each day goes by, it seems like you're constantly busy but no closer to achieving your goals.

What if there is a simple way you could build accountability and fun into your daily routine and tasks so you can achieve everything on your to do list - without having to call a friend, without having to carry three journals or notebooks, and without a complex, hard to follow system you'll use for a week than give up on?

introducing the Results planner from legacy of results

Designed for busy, goal-oriented individuals who want to see big changes in their lives.

  • Game-ified To-Do List
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Goal Activity Tracker
  • Life Harmony
  • Accomplishments and Wins
  • Daily Habit Tracker
  • Gratitudes
  • Weekly Review and Planning 
  • Prayers/Intentions
  • Journal/Notes
  • Parking Lot / Reminders
  • Daily Schedule/Time Tracker 
  • Interactive Community and Support
  • Daily Inspiration

What's should I expect from my Results Planner?

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved numbers and results
  • More consistency with habits and actions
  • Interactive Community to help you grow
  • Additional Tools and Resources for Productivity
  • Continuous Support and Education

imagine a program designed to get you big results

Never worry about moving away from your goals or forgetting the things that matter most to you each day.

Jeff Olson says in his book, The Slight Edge, "Successful people just do the things that seem to make no difference in the act of doing them and they do them over and over and over until the compound effect kicks in.”

Successful people also invest in systems that allow them to consistently track performance and improve their habits and results.  What you track and measure you can manage and improve.  The Legacy of Results - Results Planner helps you track your numbers, track your habits, track your activity, plan your growth and ultimately achieve your results. 

get a personalized 90 days result planner

90 Days

Includes Access to our Online Growth Club and Personalization of your Results Planner, customized with your unique goals, KPIs and Daily Habits pre-printed on every day.

What results are people getting?

“Finally a planner that has everything I need in one, succinct place!  The Results Planner is super easy to use and has turned my tasks and habits into a game that when I win...I win.”

- Tiffany K.



At Legacy of Results, our purpose is to redefine impossible and cultivate a movement of Total Health, Prosperity and Joy.  Our Mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to empower others and themselves.  The Legacy of Results - Results Planner is a tool to help us do that.   Join us today and transform your world by achieving your impossible!

"I've only used it for a few short weeks but I've already noticed a difference...."

Why a Personalized Planner vs. a Blank Planner?

People take the path of least resistance.  

The question isn’t so much personalized vs blank, but what investment are you willing to make in the results. People don’t often understand that investment doesn’t always equal money. In order to get value out of something, you must invest in it.  The more you invest, the more you get out up to the point of diminishing return.

The drawback of the blank planner is that it’s a major time investment.  Every day you have to take the time to write out your five goals, your ten daily habits, your seven key performance indicators as well as all of the other things you choose to utilize in the planner.  

The Personalized Planner comes pre-printed, on every day, with your habits, goals and KPIs so all you have to do is track them along with your daily tasks.


  • Over 68% of people who have a planner, don’t use it
  • Of those, over 80% said they would use it if it were easier​
  • The third and fourth most common reason people weren't using their planners were respectively:
    • It was too repetitive 
    • Lack of ROI
  • 80% of people who have the personalized planner are using it consistently vs. 25% of the people who have the blank planner
  • Over the course of the month the personal planner saves, on average, almost 3 Hours

Why a Physical Planner vs a Digital Planner?

There is magic in putting pen to paper and bringing your goals and commitments into the physical.  I mean think about a handwritten note vs an email, which one means more and why?  We have been programed, at least at the unconscious level, to value hand written over electronic.  It also comes down to investment, which we have already discussed.  

Another benefit of the physical planner is that it allows you to start your day without starting your devices.  I know in the morning, when I grab my phone, there are a few dozen notifications from the night before and when I hop on the computer, it’s easy to get distracted by the vast black hole of the internet.  

Now that said, there is a benefit of the digital planner in that it’s accessible everywhere you are.  That is why we decided to make the planner a book size so that it is easy to fit in a backpack, briefcase or even a purse.  Also, having you tasks organized in an online system is a HUGE must for productivity.  I have all of my tasks in a online system and each afternoon, I pull the most important tasks and add them to my next day.  I also take time every couple of days to add tasks that I’ve thought of away from my computer to my system.  We’ve even included space for you to check off that you have transferred it in.

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