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Each month you can grab the amazing Results Planner making waves in the leadership community. Use it digitally or take it to your local print shop and create a physical version.  All we ask is that you use it and work towards achieving YOUR IMPOSSIBLE!

Utilizing a combination of Advanced Integrative Psychology and modeling over 25 of the most successful and commonly used planners, Legacy of Results has created an all-inclusive planning system that empowers people to achieve their impossible.   

introducing the results planner from legacy of results

Designed for busy, goal-oriented individuals who want to see big changes in their lives.

  • Game-ified To-Do List — It's amazing that things that motivated us as kids continue to work at the unconscious level.  One foundational difference is your Results Planner has a point-based daily task list where you are incentivized to complete your tasks.
  • Key Performance Indicators — You can't manage, forecast or effectively improve what you don't measure. Your Results Planner includes space for up to seven (7) Key Performance Indicators (quantifiable activity) for you to set goals on and track your progress daily. 
  • Goal Activity Tracker — One of the main reasons goals are not achieved is that we simply loose sight of them.  Your Results Planner has a space for five (5) goals that you want to see in front of you every day and a place to check off each day you work towards those goals. 
  • Life Harmony  — may be a bit far fetched to think that a planner can create life harmony, but sometimes a little awareness is all it takes.  Each day your Results Planner provides an opportunity for a personal analysis of seven areas of life to see what's going well and what areas you may want to focus on.
  • Accomplishments and Wins — Behavior that is acknowledged and rewarded is repeated and improved.  Your Results planner has space (and a reminder) for you to look at your daily accomplishments and the small wins that lead to success.
  • Daily Habit Tracker — Your results planner also has space for you to track up to ten (10) daily habits.  Each day, you'll commit to the habit and check off once you've executed it.  Talk about a simple way to build new habits.
  • Gratitudes — What you focus on increases and too often people focus on what they are lacking instead of what they are grateful for.  This section of your Results Planner is included to remind you daily to focus on gratitude to attract more things to be grateful for.
  • Daily Inspiration — So many planners and journals have "daily quotes" that simply repeat throughout the planner.  The Results Planner has a unique, thought provoking quote each and every day.
  • Weekly Review and Planning — People do not learn from their past experiences, they learn from reflecting on their past experiences.  It's through evaluating the past and applying that knowledge that people grow and develop.  Each week you will have a chance to tally your scores, review the last week and prep the next.
  • Prayers/Intentions — Along with gratitude, having clear intentions and conveying those intentions in the form of prayer help bring your ideas from spirit into the physical form . Take time each day in your Results Planner to write a simple prayer and intention for the day.
  • Journal/Notes — A major complaint journal users have (myself included) is not having space to take notes or having to carry two notebooks around.  Each day of your Results Planner has space for you to take notes throughout the day or reflect on your day as it passes.
  • Parking Lot / Reminders —  Multitasking is a myth and does not truly exist.  People who become adapt or skilled at multitasking actually are skilled at cycling between tasks and getting themselves back to work after the transition.  Those people are few and still would benefit from the power of focus.  The Parking Lot /Reminders section is for those ideas that pop in your head that you don't want to forget but may serve as a shiny red ball distracting you from the task at hand
  • Daily Schedule/Time Tracker — Often the thing that keeps us from success is not a lack of activity, but a lack of productive activity that moves us to our goals. Your Results Planner lets you keep your schedule in front of you OR use the 30 minute time tracker to find out where you time is really going.
  • Interactive Community and Support — As a Results Planner user, you are given access to our exclusive Facebook Growth Club with a like-minded, growth oriented community.  Find an accountability partner, get feedback on your goals and help with your struggles. In addition to the interactive community, your growth club also comes with additional resources, videos and even the occasional webinar.

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