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Success is Defined by the Seven Inches From One Ear to the Other

The top 10% of athletes are not determined by skill, but mindset.  The top 10% of businesses are not defined by their products, but their values.  The top 10% of relationships are founded on trust and communication.  The difference that defines success is not a chasm, a gap that cannot be bridged.  It is seven small inches, from one ear to the other.

The greatest challenge I faced when getting started in this business was, quite frankly, knowing what to do.  I don't mean it was that I didn't know what to do.  The problem was I did.  I'd been taught everything I needed to know in order to be successful and I knew it.  The problem was that left no excuses as to why I didn't succeed.  Sink or swim it was on me.

I've been fortunate over the last 10+ years I've been working with the Empowerment Partnership, to develop many deep relationships with people who have helped me along the way.  I would not be where I am today if not for them and the help and guidance they gave me.

I would also probably be a lot further if I had asked more questions, better questions; if I got insight from them before taking one of the many steps that set me back months or sent me spiraling.  The worst part is that I knew it, but I didn't want to "bother them because I know how busy they are."

That's why I've created this program.  It's a chance for you to do what you need to, to invest what you need to, to feel comfortable asking me questions, taking my time and most importantly, getting results.


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  • Ask the Questions You Need To
  • Connect with a Community
  • Find out more about yourself
  • grow your business
  • gain deeper insight and perspective
  • master your craft
  • refine your pitch
  • bounce your ideas off of someone

You Set The Price

From $1-$500/Month

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